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We're a small team of strangely unique and extremely friendly individuals who aspire to always stay on top of the ever-changing tech landscape. We believe that traditional consultancies and recruitment no longer work. We have a new solution and our goal is to change the way organisations consider, approach and overcome software delivery problems.

A great team to work with. All the staff at Tecknuovo are eager to learn more about how they can best represent developers and systems engineers in the DevOps market

Tecknuovo in the tech community

Tecknuovo are at the heart of the London Tech Community. We’re always looking for new ways to collaborate and add value to its long-term progression. The pace of change in technology is incredible. We couldn’t keep up without the support of our community network, it forms the foundations of everything we do, every intro we make, and every solution we sell.

Meetups We Organise

We are proud organisers of the Docker London, Microservices and Cloud Native Meetups. We also regularly host attend a number of tech meetups in London such as Kubernetes, Istio, AWS, DevOps London - all run by our friends. Our Community Lead - Dominique Top (aka DevOpsDom), is always happy to provide guidance and support to any meetup newbies.

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Conferences We Attend

We regularly attend and support tech conferences such as DockerCon Europe, DevOps Days, FOSDEM, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, always staying on top of emerging tech, practices and trends. We like being active participants, so we tend to create content, volunteer and sometimes even speak at the events.

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Training Sessions We Provide

We organise and run free training workshops to upskill junior engineers in the community. We’ve recently hosted a free Kubernetes and Docker training to help increase knowledge and experience in the current and developing areas. We also like learning ourselves, so we incubate technical start-ups in our offices, who in return give us onsite training.

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