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The Technology industry is changing

Cutting-edge development teams are committed and cooperative, but the same can’t be said for the majority of recruitment agencies. All too often they are detached and traditional. We founded Tecknuovo to change this and bring a new approach to the Technology industry, a sector that never settles.

We are a lean team with a start-up mentality, focused on communicating, integrating and collaborating with the DevOps community. We aren’t just here to organise interviews, we’re here to identify ongoing market issues and resolve them, for our clients and our candidates. We’re here to help organisations move beyond traditional IT and achieve lasting digital transformation.

If we’re doing it right, you’ll know us and trust us before you need us.

Keeping up with DevOps isn’t easy, but we go to great lengths to ensure we do. In the short term, that means extensive training, selective networking and thorough technical screening. But we have loftier ambitions. Why only focus on the now, when what’s next is even more exciting?

We are immersed, social recruiters who get involved in the tech market and contribute to its long-term progression. For us, the hands we shake at meetups and the details we learn at conferences aren’t optional. It’s due to them that we understand the sector and are able to connect the professionals within it to the projects that fit them. 

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