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DevOps Top Meetups: Tecknuovo's DevOps Community Meetup & Event Schedule February 2019

DevOps Top Meetups: Tecknuovo's DevOps Community Meetup & Event Schedule February 2019

  • Feb 01, 2019
  • Margo Gantner and Dominique Top


A curated list of DevOps Community events and Meetups to attend this February.

Apparently, it’s going to snow in London this weekend and so winter is officially upon us. We actually can’t believe that it’s February already (and we are also very much looking forward to spring….). Our idea of staying busy this month by attending lots of meetups and singing karaoke on Blue Monday definitely worked for us and made January disappear a lot quicker! So with February being the shortest month of the year and a lot of people taking a winter break abroad, Dom and Margo will finally have time to work relentlessly behind the scenes on a new endeavour that will be a great benefit to the London Meetup scene…. /*watch this space*/

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Anyway, read on for great meetups happening this month in London. We are going to be there, so don’t be shy, come find us and say hello! \ (•◡•) /


You can add our meetup calendar here:

Saturday - Sunday, 2-3 February 

FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting) - Register to attend here

FOSDEM is aimed at developers and anyone interested in the free and open-source software movement. It aims to enable developers to meet and to promote the awareness and use of free and open-source software. FOSDEM is free to attend and there are lots of fantastic talks and volunteering opportunities. So if you happen to be in Brussels that weekend, say hi to Margo and Ollie!

Tuesday, 5 February

Hashicorp Meetup #25 - Register to attend here 

Hashicorp Meetup returns for the first meetup of 2019 with a great line-up of speakers: Nico Corrarello from Hashicorp, Johan Brandhorst from InfoSum, Adam Hosier @from Improbable. Make sure to register quickly as tickets usually run out! Hashicorp meetup is a perfect place to meet other developers and ops engineers using HashiCorp tools within London!


Wednesday, 6 February

Cloud Native London - Register to attend here

This month, Cloud Native will be looking at how Conde Nast International has created a platform that is both scalable and reliable! Asfand Qazi from Cloudership will also explain how you can get more out of the modern cloud by letting someone else look after your servers. If you're interested in learning more about what is happening in the Cloud Native ecosystem, this event is your cup of tea! - Don’t forget to register via skills matter!


AWS User Group UK Meetup #35 - Register to attend here

The first meetup of 2019 by the AWS User Group, make sure to join this meetup if you're a cloud evangelist in your organisation, and you design implement or service AWS based solutions. This time you will have a chance to hear from Danilo Poccia, Principal Evangelist Serverless, AWS (@danilop) about building a serverless “smart” chat using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon AI Services; and Jermila Dhas (@JermilaD) Senior Engineer at the FT, who will take you through how to avoid embarrassing security breaches and a bill of millions.


Thursday, 7 February

Terraform in production (with Nic Jackson from Hashicorp) - Register to attend here

Terraform is one of the hottest cloud technologies right now and epitomises what infrastructure as code is. At this meetup you will have a chance to hear from Nic Jackson from Hashicorp, who will talk about Terraform and share everything you need to know to manage your infrastructure in production. Don’t forget to register via Skills Matter.


Women Who Go - Register to attend here

Through outreach, workshops and conferences Women Who Go is a meetup that aims at growing awareness of the Go language and empowering minorities to become participants, collaborators and leaders in the Open Source community.


Tuesday, 12 February

Kubentine'19 - Register to attend here

Organised by our good friend Ivan, Kubentine '19 is a February (Valentine?) edition of the Kubernetes London  Meetup - a must-attend event for all engineers interested in or working with Kubernetes. This time we will have a chance to hear from Liz Rice @lizrice about the most spectacularly useless thing ever done with Kubernetes! 

DevOps Exchange - Register to attend here

Organised by Linux Recruitment, DevOps Exchange returns in 2019 with four awesome talks around Platform Engineering and DevOps! Hear from Olive Power - Field Engineer at Heptio, Steve Wade, Gavin McNair and Charlie Wood at Mettle, Vik Bhatti - Head of Infrastructure at Trussle and last but not least, Colin Hemmings - CTO at Outlyer. If work in DevOps, Operations or Development and you’re interested in hearing war stories surrounding DevOps from like-minded individuals then you will enjoy DevOps Exchange London.


Wednesday, 13 February

Microservices Meetup - Register to attend here

If your interest lies in architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining microservice based software architectures then this Meetup is right up your alley. Join fellow microservices enthusiasts at the Telegraph offices and learn more about how monitoring can help to enforce 5 best practices of building a successful container platform.


IBM Code – Kubernetes 101 - Register to attend here

This workshop-style Meetup is a re-run of the Kubernetes 101 workshop from January 2019. The content will be identical. If you missed it, but are looking for some hands-on learning experience on container orchestration and managing a container cluster with Kubernetes, make sure to register early.


Thursday, 21 February

Hashicorp Meetup #26 - Register to attend here

No, it’s not a mistake, London HashiCorp User Group is going big this month and is organising two February meetups. I’m not surprised to be honest since their first meet up of the year filled up Monzo offices to the brim! This meetup is part of the All-Day HashiTalks 2019, but more to be announced soon. Make sure to register early to secure your place, as they usually have a long waitlist. 


Tuesday, 26 February

London DevOps #40 - Register to attend here

This one you cannot miss. London DevOps always brings great speakers and is an awesome first step to become an active participant in the DevOps Community in London. Every month, London DevOps Group members meet to discuss anything and everything about DevOps such as Automation, Orchestration, Containers, Virtualisation, Service Discovery, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Register early to avoid the waitlist!


Wednesday, 27 February

DevSecOps London Gathering - Register to attend here

This one is a brand new addition to our calendar - a monthly gathering for anybody involved with factoring Security into DevOps - this is not just for developers or security SMEs. Come along and join the discussion on the most common questions/queries you most likely would have come across at work when "implementing DevSecOps".​

Thursday, 28 February

Human Ops - The Human Side of Tech - Register to attend here

HumanOps is a community of technologists who get together to talk about the human aspects of working in tech today. They have some amazing talks this time which will give you advice on how to be more active in the tech community and focus on the human side of our work. They've partnered with Microsoft for this event and will be hosting at the Microsoft Reactor in London, so pretty cool:) 

Meet us there:

Margo Gantner - @tecknuovo
Dominique Top - @DevOpsDom


Posted: Feb 01, 2019

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