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Tecknuovo’s Meet-up Round up: London DevOps #28

Tecknuovo’s Meet-up Round up: London DevOps #28

  • Jun 14, 2017
  • Kieran Blackstone


At Tecknuovo we’re keen to ensure our knowledge of the best practices throughout DevOps is as fresh as possible, this is why we attend conferences all over the UK and network with innovative professionals throughout the industry. Earlier this month, we headed over to Facebook’s London office to attend London DevOps #28.

The main purpose of the meet-up was the showcase a typical day in the life of a software engineer at Facebook and featured prolific speakers including:

  • Noa Resare – A Facebook software engineer who has previously worked at other international companies such as Spotify.
  • Matthew Skelton – Co-founder of Skelton Thatcher, a consultancy who specialise in helping clients adopt and sustain best practice for the development of software.

Alongside these there were also talks from various members of Facebook’s internal software engineering team.

While the meet-up was only held from 6.30-10pm, the event was packed with talks dedicated to helping everyone understand and implement DevOps more proficiently, the main topic of the talks were:

  • Facebook – The DevOps enabler at scale
  • How to break apart a monolith system safely without destroying your team
  • Facebook production, engineering and DevOps


Speaking to DevOps experts who were in attendance, the overarching conversation seemed to be about people coming first in a DevOps environment and ideas on how we can create winning cultures for software developers.

Jack Broughton, Contract Manager at Tecknuovo said in regards to the meet-up:

“This was a fantastic meet-up and from a Tecknuovo perspective this was very inspiring. Facebook is globally renowned for its culture which is built around success and it is evident through these talks that the software engineering team appreciate this.”

During the socialising section of the night, we were able to discuss some of the key points such as the importance of hiring the right people to make the right decisions in your business. Alongside this, managerial support was a big topic with the overarching sentiment that managers should be there to coach engineers, not dictate the work.

Tecknuovo will be sponsoring another meet-up on the 4th July in London. This event will focus on Cloud Native and what it means to both the users and developers. With the term Cloud Native having many different meanings, this talk will focus on how it can be defined in a DevOps environment. If you want to know more about this meet-up, make sure you look out for our next meet-up round up.

Posted: Jun 14, 2017

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