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The Tecknuovo approach to Technology recruitment

As a DevOps recruitment agency, we apply the same principles that guide DevOps environments to everything we do. That means being invested in the technology sector as a whole, not just our role within it.

While recruitment is ultimately a sales industry, we consider the actual filling of a vacancy as a short-term element of a much wider role. Rather than working on a job-to-job basis, the Tecknuovo approach is to constantly advance and improve along with the communities we work with. We know that digital transformation is a journey that requires cultural and technological change, and we think the emphasis that DevOps places on communication and collaboration is key to this.

For us, communication is about knowledge sharing and getting to know each other. Learning and contributing to the community is just as crucial to our resourcing process as listings or interviews. In workshops and meetups, we meet, mingle and make introductions on a daily basis, furthering our understanding of the industry as well as the people within it.

We see collaboration as the only way to effectively do recruitment. If you want to resolve a technical vacancy or job-hunt reliably and quickly, a good relationship isn’t a bonus, it’s a necessity. We believe recruitment doesn’t work — ever — if people don’t pull together. That’s why we only ever look for key accounts and are not interested in spot business.

“Recruitment isn’t just about jobs. It’s about being involved in the right communities, investing in people and putting relationships before services.“

Our continued success is a direct result of knowing the best people before they need to work with us, but we offer far more than familiarity. We provide our clients and our candidates with a high-quality, invested service to make sure we both keep operating at the top end of the market.

While understanding our clients, their products and their people is crucial, we back our knowledge up by working hard, fast and smart. Our enduring belief is that if we know the client and know the community, the right person is never far away.

If you have a great tech stack and an excellent DevOps environment, you’re sure to hear from us. But, seeing as you’re here already, why not make the first move?

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