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Transformation Service

Our digital transformation services will support your business in achieving their transformation objectives. We engage with both leadership and engineering teams to scope out exactly how we can add value. You retain ownership, IP and control – we draw on our expertise and network to enable success. With experience in both the Private & Public sector, our teams are able to provide digital transformation to both verticals.


We embed ourselves into your already established teams to facilitate digital transformation that lasts. We do this alongside your business to ensure that we build the right solution, together. We’re experts in DevOps enablement so you can rely on us to identify what support your teams need to succeed.

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Training & Workshops

We don’t want to you to be reliant on us, we want to develop your staff to work autonomously. That’s why we’ll send one of our trusted experts to your business to help coach and train your staff, whether your teams need this for 2 weeks or 12. We aim to work alongside you on these projects and give you the opportunity to upskill your environments.

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Discovery & Readiness

Deep dive assessments, health checks and efficiency reviews are just some of our offerings. We utilise these to focus on cost effectiveness and performance improvement. You’ll get a clear snapshot of your current technical landscape, a readiness report for transformation, advice for struggling projects or even new roadmaps. 

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Methodology & Approach //We know that one solution doesn’t fit all

Transformation starts with the people in your business, not the tech in your stack. We work alongside your business to understand your culture and make sure we get the right teams together.

At Tecknuovo, we know just how vital a strong culture is, so whether you need us to bring in some fresh faces or upskill your current workforce, we’ll ensure that everyone involved in the project works in a collaborative manner, receives the proper training and understands what they are trying to achieve.

Having the right processes in place enables your workforce to deliver more efficiently, at a higher quality, and a lower cost. Often the value of good processes can be overlooked – we’ve all heard the phrase “working hard, not working smart”.

Our team will help promote efficient habits and processes into your teams by implementing feedback loops, continuous training and agile methods. Alongside this, we’ll also ensure that there is always a simple method for killing failing processes as well as conducting frequent sanity checks on any requirements.

The technical landscape is changing at a faster pace than ever before and some of the tools that were generating hype last year are considered antiques today. Taking a pragmatic and agnostic approach to tool selection is vital to maximising business benefit. With no reliance or commitment to one technology, product or vendor, we keep our service agenda free and based around your needs. Our business is built around trust and when working with Tecknuovo, you can expect us to deliver first class results every time.

Our teams keep a finger on the pulse of the industry to ensure your business is building sustainable and flexible solutions. We can also provide those capable of designing and implementing emerging technologies. So, whether you need to build pipelines with Jenkins & Ansible, design microservice architecture with Kubernetes or adopt a Multicloud strategy, we have you covered.

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