Co-delivery transformation with no dependency

We embed ourselves into your established teams to facilitate digital transformation that lasts. This happens alongside your business to ensure that we build the right solution, together. We’re experts in DevOps enablement so you can rely on us to identify what support your teams need to succeed. Being completely tech agnostic, means we can remove the BAU dependency and deliver a service that is tailored to suit you without disrupting your current teams.

Monolith to Microservice migration
Understanding how your current legacy systems work can be a challenge sometimes, we’ll help you address this and build a new microservice architecture.

Struggling projects
More DevOps initiatives fail than succeed, often because the smaller nuances of change are neglected. Our teams have a huge amount of experience identifying and resolving the issues that make projects fail.

Introducing / Maturing Continuous Integration & Delivery
Sometimes a full transformation simply isn’t feasible. However, adopting new practices can be a good starting point.

Public cloud cost reduction and related best practice
If the right strategy isn’t put in place it’s all too easy to find that your cloud spend has gone through the roof. Whether you’re looking at a spot instance strategy, scaling parameters, kill criteria or simply some monitoring usage, our consultants are well versed in reducing expenditure.

When working with your business, we act as a catalyst for change. However, once the work is finished, we want you to be able to work independently. That’s why we take a tech agnostic approach, to ensure they you’re not dependant on us once the work is complete. 

If you have some specific requirements you would like to discuss, please get in touch. We are flexible in our approach and would be happy to discuss a tailored approach to your needs.

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