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Deep dive assessments, health checks and efficiency reviews are just some of our offerings. We utilise these to redefine business objectives that focus on cost effectiveness and performance improvement. You’ll get a clear snapshot of your current technical landscape, a readiness report for transformation, advice for struggling projects or even new roadmaps if required. Throughout this process, we deliver impartial, practical insight to give you a solid foundation for any future projects.

As with our other services, we appreciate that each organisation faces unique challenges in the adoption of DevOps practices. This service is to help you define what those challenges are and how to overcome them. Some example projects are:

Current team assessment
We will highlight any skill gaps, training opportunities and further gap analysis for future roadmaps.

Architectural readiness
We’ll asses your current stack and ensure it is optimal for the transformation you require.

Low hanging fruit
We’ll identify the quick wins that can make a big impact on how your teams react to change.

New tech roadmap definition
We will work with both the leadership and engineering teams to help define a feasible roadmap to any future tech stack.

When working with your business, we act as a catalyst for change. However, once the work is finished, we want you to be able to work independently. That’s why we take a tech agnostic approach, to ensure they you’re not dependant on us once the work is complete. 

If you have some specific requirements you would like to discuss, please get in touch. We are flexible in our approach and would be happy to discuss a tailored approach to your needs.

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