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How DevOps went mainstream in 2016

  • Jan 14, 2017
  • Jon Topper


2017 must be the year that we take this more cohesive, inclusive approach, demonstrating the potential that DevOps can bring right across the business.

2016 was the year that DevOps became part of IT organisations’ everyday language. While forward thinking, agile businesses have embraced DevOps from the outset, what we’re seeing now is what, in the Technology Adoption Lifecycle are known as “the late majority” shifting towards new DevOps practices.

Bringing development and operations together to deliver what a business needs, quickly, reliably, flexibly defines the DevOps approach. It can transform how an organisation works, breaking down traditional barriers between IT teams and the business. It’s the opposite of the siloing and segmentation that limit so many businesses. And, as more people realise its benefits, more IT leaders are demanding it. Yet while it redefines what is possible for a business, it can require challenging changes. Ones that seemingly more organisations were finally ready to take on in 2016.

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Posted: Jan 14, 2017

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