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Digital transformation and Cloud adoption doesn’t just happen overnight and can often leave you facing a difficult transition from legacy systems and reliant on one specific technology stack. By working with Tecknuovo, you will get unbiased and pragmatic solutions that are technologically agnostic. Our goal is to enable your business to deliver long-term transformation that puts control back in your hands.

In the ever-changing and fast-moving technological world, we can help the government and other public-sector organisations develop the talent and mindset necessary to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our plan goes beyond helping you upgrade. Our vast network of consultants and associates equips your staff with the right skills and deliver the highest quality services based on industry best practice.

Services How we solve your unique challenges

  • Co-Delivery & Capability Development More info

    Tecknuovo supports implementation of Cloud services through working alongside and embedding into customers’ in-house teams. We upskill customers’ staff to develop capabilities in line with the target architecture and build a robust DevOps culture for change through coaching, collaboration, and communications. Training is provided through working together and/or hands-on workshops.

  • Cloud Application Delivery & Digital Transformation More info

    Tecknuovo delivers DevOps/WebOps solutions that meets customer's needs and aligns with the Digital Service Standard. We support planning/managing transformation and legacy migration to Cloud, building in-house capability and embedding new ways of working: Agile, Development Operations practices, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and continuous improvement (CI/CD) for delivery on IaaS/PaaS/SaaS-based services.

  • Cloud & Application Security More info

    Tecknuovo delivers DevSecOps (Development Security Operations) to ensure relevant measures are built into DevOps life-cycles to manage risks and reduce/avoid costs associated with security exposure. Therefore, vulnerabilities and threats can be discovered and mitigated early. We work with Security teams to ensure compliance, and coach in-house teams on good practices.

  • DevOps & Cloud Readiness Discovery & Assessment More info

    Tecknuovo undertakes analysis of your existing platform and application portfolio for Cloud migration to identify and address gaps, support business case production and establish a robust roadmap for delivery. We ascertain how DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, automation, containerisation and continuous deployment can optimise delivery to get the best value.

  • Recovery and Service Redesign More info

    Tecknuovo provides recovery to address challenges in existing projects and services. We undertake deep dive assessments, healthchecks, and efficiency reviews. Working with our customers, we create new roadmaps and redefine business drivers and objectives for service redesigns and project realignments, focusing on cost effectiveness, performance improvement, ROI and Cloud adoption.

  • Strategy Development & Architecture Design More info

    Tecknuovo works with our customers in translating their business objectives and technical requirements into an implementable Cloud service strategy that enables the maximisation of benefits and value from Cloud adoption. We deliver architectural designs for public, private, hybrid and multi-Cloud deployment that is technology agnostic and aligned with industry frameworks/methodologies.

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