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Who are Tecknuovo?

At Tecknuovo our vision is to be market leader in the DevOps, Cloud and Open Source space. We understand that DevOps, Cloud and Open Source is a niche market where demand is high, skills are in shortage and active candidates have a multitude of opportunities at any one time. Our founders have a strong belief that DevOps is the future. If you arenít adopting DevOps as an organisation, itís only a matter of time before you catch up or risk falling behind the competition in a dynamic marketplace. Tecknuovo are committed to bridging that skills gap and labour shortage, matching our candidates to the cutting edge technologies and projects, whilst enabling our clients at all stages along their journey. Integrity, market specialisation, comprehensive technical awareness and a professional service are key pillars of our organisation.

What do we recruit?

We recruit the full spectrum of technologies required to adopt and excel in a DevOps, Cloud and Open Source environment; be that specific DevOps tooling, Cloud & Infrastructure or Development. Our network covers from engineer level right the way through to Architecture & Leadership. Click here for our skills matrix

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning"

Benjamin Franklin
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